Cast and Crew

Maanasa Dhavala-

Maanasa is our creator, one of our writers, and the wonderful voice of Naina Oscars. In addition, she runs our Twitter. She spends her time being good with babies, horrible with cats, in love with “The Get Down”, and being very Indian.


Abby Gordon-

Abby plays Sybil Joseph and Miria Assaf-Baultunis. She is our “technical director,” which means that she edits, directs, and publishes episodes. She runs the Tumblr, co-runs the Instagram, and writes as well. In her spare time, she is a competitive archer and avid reader.


Angelica Thomas-

Angelica voices Amaris and co-runs the Instagram. Her official title is Assistant Manager. She hates bad grammar and or spelling. She loves softball, “laughing like a maniac”, and being the stage manager in the school plays. Her nickname is wombat due to her uncanny resemblance to the aforementioned marsupial.


Alicia Endicott-

Alicia is the voice of Merriweather DeRosa and our Musical Director. She is also one of our strongest writers. When she isn’t slaying as our favorite tea shop owner she is playing Viola, baking (she makes the BEST baked goods, you take a bite of her chocolate chip cookies and then all of a sudden they are PUMPKIN chocolate chip cookies). She is an avid fan of Downtown Abbey (which she references as much as possible in episodes) and cats.


Poppy Bell-

Poppy plays Aurora Dunn and Noelle Thibodeaux, she also co-runs the Instagram. She is on a swim team and she is a Broadway addict (A few musicals she named when asked were Hamilton, Wicked, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, and Annie).


Rose Adams-

Rose voices Skylar Pardi. She likes being very loud, she loves most people, and she never lets anyone hurt the people she cares about.


Toni Foxx-

Toni is the voice of Etienne Baultunis and our Manager. She is a fan of gaming, drawing, writing, reading and overall being a geek. She is good at “Literally nothing but sucking at doing anything” and she likes food.


Ana Sullivan-

Ana plays Holden Thibodeaux. Her hobbies include theatre, she is “annoying blah blah blah” and she “Likes attention blah blah blah idk! XD”.


J Etsky-

J is our personal Artist. She likes “being short and angry” and loves pugs, comics, and Joss Whedon.


Note: Any phrases put in quotation marks are quotes from the person whose section they are in.